Samsung & Sandisk Memory Cards
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Lot of 68 Samsung Evo, Sandisk Extreme and Sandisk Ultra 128 gb memory cards. Almost all are Brand New and only a few refurbished. Purchased from a computer shop that was going out of business. I do not have any more information on them other than this so i wont be able to answer any questions about them. I simply do not have the time to sell them individually. Would make great resale product for profit. Bidding starts at just .99 cents. Shipping will only be $3.99.

I am selling these cards as is and all in working order. No returns will be accepted for this sale so if this is not ok with you please dont bid on them. 

Also comes with 6 extra adapters.
Please see other pics for all 68 cards.

I will get them out to you just as soon as payment is received.
Thanks for looking and Happy Bidding. 


  • Is there any specialty for the Samsung memory card? I have heard that they are faster in processing than an ordinary one? Is that true. If so share the reasons here. I am going to bookmark the blog for extra contents. canon printer repair

    Posted at at 9:17 AM

  • There seems to be a great collection of cards from both the companies showcased here. I would like to check out the prices and see if taking it bulk will be cheaper. Do add the rates for each storage type. PhotoEditingIndia clipping path company

    Posted at at 9:47 AM

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